New Hope Diamond Head 21 Day Fasting Challenge for 2011

Starting on the Sunset of Sunday April 3 until the sunrise of April 24 (Easter Sunday), New Hope Diamond Head will be fasting and praying. Join us as we open doors to a deeper, more intimate, and more powerful relationship with God! Please check our blog archive on the right column and read other blog entries from last year's fast challenge.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This year I'm looking forward with great excitement about what God is about to do in our lives as we pray and fast. Last year, the Lord did great miracles because of our engagement in this spiritual discipline. I want to share an email sent by a dear friend that joined us last year in the fast challenge. It's been edited to keep the privacy of the sender. This is one of the many miracles God did during our fast...

Early in the year, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has gone to our doctor for mammograms and check ups on a regular basis. She then discovered a lump in her left breast and had a biopsy performed. The specialists found that a blood clot had formed with a small cancerous tumor inside that clot. It came on so quickly that the surgeon said that he had never seen anything like that before. After prayers from our church and getting prayed over at a healing ministry, surgery was performed, the clot and tumor was removed and all other tissues that were tested came out cancer free. She took that gene test for breast cancer and that came back negative as well. My honey is doing very well and has totally recovered.

For the past 15 years I have lived with a very fatty liver. How it got that way I have no idea. After a biopsy and blood tests, the specialist told me that I am either a 650 pound man or an alcoholic. For my cure, he told me never to take another drink. Since I do not drink alcohol, that was easy, but knew that it was advise that would not help me. I asked him if I could change my diet and he said that it would not matter. When a liver gets to be fatty and severely enlarged, it secretes enzymes in your blood and tests can easily detect how bad your liver is based on the count. A normal liver count is 40. My last test, in February of 2009, revealed a count of 91. My personal doctor told me that the ultra sound test showed my liver was very large.

After doing our church fast for three weeks and being prayed over at the healing ministry during this past April, I went back for another blood test. My count is now at 46 and my liver is smiling once again after 15 years. For those that find this difficult to believe, I have blood tests at my doctor's office that supports the above.